What’s the Gwinnett Place To Be? The Global Villages! We are thrilled to share our plan to transform the Gwinnett Place Mall Site into a thriving, international, arts- and culture-packed neighborhood. Check out the link below and learn more about the plan and next steps. Also, a big thank you to the Gwinnett community and everyone who provided their input and support. We look forward to building the future with you!

Redevelopment Concept Strategy

After hearing additional community feedback, we pulled the best elements from the draft development concepts and retooled them into one final concept. The Redevelopment Concept Strategy summarizes this final concept as well as how the team landed on certain details. Take a look at the Redevelopment Concept Strategy here or flip through the slides below!

Starter Vision

We synthesized all of the major plans that addressed the Gwinnett Place Mall site between 2012 and 2021 to develop a Starter Vision. It will serve as the starting point for creating development concepts as we enter the next phase of the strategy. Check out what we learned here or thumb through the slides below!

Early Engagement Summary

Want to know what people are saying so far? Download the Early Engagement Summary here or thumb through the slides below to find out!

Also, please visit the County’s related planning effort, Reclaim Gwinnett Place Mall focused on bringing equity front and center in the redevelopment of the Gwinnett Place mall site.